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Lanscape maintenance, tree service and design for Santa Clarita, Northridge, Granada Hills, Porter Ranch and Chatsworth

Lanscape maintenance, tree service and design for Santa Clarita, Northridge, Granada Hills, Porter Ranch and Chatsworth

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Landscape phone for Santa Clarita, Granada Hills, Northridge and Porter Ranch Landscape maintenance and design in Santa Clarita Landscape maintenance design and tree service for Northridge, Santa Clarita, Granada Hills, and Porter Ranch

Landscape Design

Our landscape department installs beautiful landscapes for residential and commercial properties. We start by determining the needs of the property such as soil and grading requirements. The soil is properly amended with organic composted material.

Landscape Design in Santa Clarita

If drains are needed, we have drain pipes installed while installing the irrigation system. If electrical or gas lines are needed, then these are also install during trenching. Irrigation systems are carefully installed to provide 100% coverage. We properly space the sprinklers to water the plants and not the house and cement. Sprinklers are grouped by the type of plant material and amount of sun. We use only high quality brass sprinkler valves, the thicker PVC sprinkler pipe and sprinkler heads such as Toro and Rainbird.

Plants are carefully selected for each location. Sun angle, height, color, texture, proximity to house and cement, fragrance are some of the things we consider when selecting plant material. All plants are grown locally in Santa Clarita and are guaranteed. When completed the plants will fill in and complement the property with a beautiful landscape.

To make a beautiful landscape, there are many other things that can be added. Such as: Stamped or Regular Cement Patios, Block Walls, Retaining Walls, Seat Walls, Fire Pits and BBQ's Patio Covers and Balconies, Fountains, Bird Baths, Water Falls, Pools and Jacuzzi Rocks, Mounting Low Voltage Lights and Outdoor Speakers. We can have any of these items installed for our customers.

With over 30 years of experience, our goal is to provide our customers with a landscape that meets and exceeds their expectations. We use our experience to keep expenses down and use only plants and products that we know perform well.

Located in Santa Clarita, we work in the greater Los Angeles areas.